Inclusive Education, Training & Workshops

Getting Coffee

Identifying the Problem

Ensuring your executives, management and staff are trained with relevant content to produce stronger performance outcomes is critical. Our goal in training is to support awareness, relevant knowledge through tangible examples, and create actionable tasks for continuous improvement. Our objective is simple, we want to move people that may be within "out groups” into the “in group” which supports higher performance and retention.

How we will Support you

We offer a variety of education modules, training and workshops to support equity and inclusion.

Below are a few types of education that we provide:

Diversity and Inclusive Training (Company-Wide)

Inclusive Leadership Workshops

Cultural Competence Workshops

Executive Coaching

Cultural Awareness Training (Company-Wide)

Anti-Racism and Discrimination Workshop (Including Black and BIPoC specific)

Equitable Recruitment Training including Interview Training and Linkedin Masterclass