Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity (DIBE) Strategy - Organizational Transformation

Analysing Data

Identifying the Problem

Creating an equitable organization built on inclusive values must be designed strategically and support the outcomes of your business. Companies are realizing that although training and education is great, it must be coupled with moving the dial within all internal systems of the organization.

Aligning your DIBE strategy to your business outcomes is a key building block to performance. In turn, this will create an atmosphere where employees can thrive, be themselves and bring their best performance to the table.

How we will Support you

By understanding the business objectives of the organization, we engage leaders in an exercise that will identify gaps through the organization. We then walk alongside business leaders with our 10 point approach to systemic change which includes an internal audit using quantitative and qualitative measurements to have a 360 view of the organization and it’s systems.

We then work with key leaders, employees and teams to produce an organizational change strategy that will be implemented over a phased period.

As we align the leadership and organization to the strategy we continue to measure and support progress.

Analysing the Numbers